Oklahoma Freight Transportation Plan Update 2023-2030

Information Update

The Draft Oklahoma Freight Transportation Plan 2023-2030 is available for review. Read the plan here.

Purpose of the Plan Update

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is proposing to update the 2018-2022 Oklahoma Freight Transportation Plan (OFTP). The existing OFTP was developed in 2017 and described freight trends, needs, and issues across the state of Oklahoma. The OFTP identified critical rural and urban freight corridors, and included policies, strategies, and performance measures to guide investment.

The purpose of the plan update is to reassess Oklahoma’s freight needs and identify any necessary changes to the OFTP. The 2023-2030 OFTP will include updated information on statewide population growth, economic trends, and infrastructure needs as they relate to freight. New sources of data will be employed and will inform the analysis of freight trends. This plan will engage three main groups, the Freight Advisory Committee (FAC), key private-sector freight stakeholders, and the general public. The FAC and other key private sector stakeholders will be engaged in a more intensive participation program given their direct interaction with the state’s freight network.

Fact Sheet

What is on this Website?

This website contains information about the OFTP Plan Update. It will be updated periodically as new information becomes available. The primary purpose of the website is to provide an opportunity for the public to give input on the Plan.

ODOT will accept comments anytime, but in order to fully incorporate your input during this portion of the project, comments needed to be submitted by November 15, 2022.


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Special Accommodations

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